Numbers on reserve for 2014:


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Did you notice the change in our web address? will be our primary URL from now on.


Next Race
2015 Schedule is not yet planned.
Sportsman Feature Results
151Dylan Gosbee
261Ches Cole
327Corey Reid
459Dennis Weir
591Scott Wright
647Brad Melendy
730Gerald Hicks
85Tom Druken
98Jason Weir
1074Jason Groves
1144Graham Tweedie
1218APat Squires
1377Shane Eason
1450Jim Royal
1599Wayne Walsh
1618Shannon Squires

5 OCT 2014

Congratulations to all championship winners and runner-ups, and thanks again to all drivers, staff, volunteers, sponsors, and especially fans for a great racing season this year!

7 SEP 2014

Please be advised that due to unforseen circumstances, today's race at TVS will be cancelled. A makeup date will be discussed and an update will be posted here on the website as soon as one becomes available.

1 SEP 2014

Thanks to everyone for turning up last weekend! See you all agian on the track this Sunday! To all new registrants: please remember to have your registration froms completed to help avoid congestion at the pit gate.

22 JUL 2014

Oval track Practice and Pre Tech have been re-scheduled for Thursday Evening, July 24 at 5:00 p.m. pm with the infield gate opening at 3:30 p.m. Please arrive early so we can get everyone situated in the pit area. We are using the drag staging area for pit during this weekend's events.

12 JUL 2014

Due to construction delays, Eastbound Park will not be ready for the open practice & tech session scheduled for this weekend. A new practice date will be promptly scheduled and released early in the coming week.

05 JUL 2014

Please be advised that this weekend's race at TVS has been cancelled due to the impending weather. The next scheduled event will take place at Eastbound Park on July 12 with open practice & pre tech. The next race at Thunder Valley will now take place on August 24.

30 JUN 2014

Season race #2 went ahead yesterday afternoon, with lots of excitement and intense racing under hot, sunny skies. Results and standings have been posted, and pictures will follow!

19 JUN 2014

The 2014 season at TVS has officially kicked-off with some prime racing this past weekend! Check out the links below!

28 MAY 2014

To All Sportsman Series Car Owners and Drivers:

All Sportsman division cars are required to be pre-registered prior to our opening events at Thunder Valley Speedway and Eastbound Park. This will assist us in our tech inspection process. We would not want cars showing up and not be able to make the show due to lack of time to properly tech the car. If you have any questions, please contact Trace Ledrew at

To All Bandolero and Legend Car Owners and Drivers

It is mandatory for drivers (and associates, where required) to be registered with INEX for the AME 2014 race season. Please complete your INEX registration and send into INEX for processing. You will be given a membership number that we will request on race day at both Thunder Valley Speedway and Eastbound Park. This in addition to the AME race season registration. The INEX application can be found in the publications section of this website. If you have any questions, please contact Bob Smith at

22 MAY 2014

Please note that there has been an update to the Sportsman rules.

Also, with only 3 weekends left until racing starts, drivers are reminded that they can register online by filling out this form.

02 APR 2014

Another season of racing and excitement is right around the corner! There's lots in store for this year, including an inaugural province-wide championship that will make history in Newfoundland, and we're striving to bring you every detail along the way!

First off, you'll find a race schedule here, and a link to the recently renamed and vigorously renovated Eastbound International Speedway here.

Secondly, check out the Publications page for all the information you will possibly need regarding rules and registration, including the online registration form (for both TVS and Eastbound), which you can also quickly access here.