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Next Race
Sunday, July 3, 2016
Gates open at 12:00
Practice begins at 1:00
Opening Ceremonies at 2:00

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13 JUN 2016

Thanks to everyone who came out to a great race this past Sunday! The drivers put on an awesome show that no racing fan should have missed and everything went spectactularly smoothly except for some minor delays! Results, standings and galleries will follow as soon as they become available!

27 MAY 2016

Newfoundland's first province-wide championship has officially been announced! Drivers will compete in a series of events at Thunder Valley Speedway and Eastbound International Speedway for the coveted Islander Cup.

The races for this championship will all be run on the currently scheduled dates, and will factor the feature results from each eligible class. This means that spectators will surely see action-packed race days with even more at stake and a variety of racing styles at every race! See the document under Publications for more details!

7 MAR 2016

There will be three main classes at TVS this year; the accustomed Hobby Stock and Sportsman, as well as series with a new twist: flagpole racing. The Bomber series will be a low-buck way to go racing for anyone with an old 4-door sedan that has no more use on the road! It will be run on the same paved oval as the other classes, except with a major twist: you must go around the flag pole after each lap. It's not always about the fastest car, but who can get around the track with the best driving style! Check the video below for an example of a variation of flagpole racing.
Also, here are some great videos of Hobby Stock/Sportsman racing at TVS!

1 MAR 2016

In case you haven't already heard the news, Thunder Valley Speedway will be operating in 2016! Keep an eye out here for rules postings, registration forms and schedules!